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PuuWoodHolzBois.com promotes Finnish wood architecture and wood products

PuuWoodHolzBois.com presents high-quality Finnish wood architecture and building and living solutions. The objective of the site is to improve the international awareness of Finnish wood architecture and provide information about the designers and wood product suppliers.

The published buildings are examples of wooden residential construction from multi-storey blocks of flats into single family detached houses and summer houses and saunas. Also public buildings and even bridges are presented. Each case includes exterior and interior photos and drawings. Some buildings even include 360 degree pictures.

The web-site is free and published in English, French, German, Russian and Finnish. The site will include contemporary articles about use of wood in construction.

For the wood working industry companies, the PUUWOODHOLZBOIS site provides possibility to roll their wood products and solutions out in the real cases. The product information will be directly connected into the photos of the buildings.  The connected information includes the link in the web-site of the company in case.

At the time of the publication, the PUUWOODHOLZBOIS -site consists of some 50 buildings from 30 different architects. The new presentations of wooden buildings will be added monthly based of the printed PUU-magazine. New projects may be initiated to Puuinfo.

See more at  www.puuwoodholzbois.com

More information:

Managing director Mikko Viljakainen, tel. 040 526 6413, mikko.viljakainen@puuinfo.fi

Project manager Hilppa Junnikkala, tel. 040 940 1300, hilppa.junnikkala@puuinfo.fi